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Database Life-Cycle Management

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Pittsburgh Technology Council
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Database Life-Cycle Management

Speaker: Steve Grier, Sr. Developer Computer Enterprises, Inc. (CEI)

Summary: In this session, we will discuss Database Life-Cycle Management. Getting databases under source control seems like a painful process without much benefit to many DBA's. We will work through those pain points to get a demo database under source control and setup for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. We'll also discuss the benefits of a source controlled database.

About Steve: Steve is a Sr. Developer at Computer Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) in Pittsburgh ( He focuses on database systems and custom integration for enterprise scale solutions. At CEI, Steve is responsible for team mentoring and knowledge sharing for the Microsoft SQL Server platform for both on premise and cloud solutions. CEI is a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner that delivers high quality software development solutions, including SQL Server Platform, to companies of all sizes and industries across Ohio and the Mid-Atlantic.


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