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New Instance, Now What?

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UTC : Tue, Apr 26 2016 21:30 - 23:00
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Pittsburgh Technology Council
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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New Instance, Now What?

Speaker: James Donahoe, Senior Solutions Engineer/DBA TeleTracking Technologies

Summary: Congratulations, you’re now our DBA! A new SQL instance is like a blank canvas, you stare at it and wonder where to start. As an accidental dba, this session will help you learn how to survive in your new role. In this session, you will be supplied with the beginning brush strokes to make your server a master piece. To do so, we will review best practices for standard configurations, backups, maintenance, and disaster recovery. By the end of this session, you will have developed a pallet of tools to help you create your SQL Server Masterpiece and be able to use it as a print for others.

About James: Jim is a Senior Solutions Engineer with TeleTracking Technologies. He provides DBA/Integration/BI assistance to over 900 clients. He specializes in Administration of SQL Server and has worked with SQL 2000 and up. He loves to educate people and give them a glimpse of the life of a DBA(Does Bout Anything).