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The Secret to High Performance Code...The Devil’s in the Data

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2000 Technology Dr
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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The Secret to High Performance Code...The Devil’s in the Data

Speaker: Jeff Moden, Senior Database Administrator Proctor Financial, Inc.

Summary: You found code you need in a “Holy Grail” article complete with test data and tests across several methods “clearly” identifying the best one to use. Excited at your good fortune, you quickly download the code, rerun the tests on your Dev box . It “passes” with flying colors. You promote the code to production and go home on time for a change. The next day, your boss and the DBA are waiting for you in your cube and, look, the DBA has a bat with your name on it because your code brought the server to its knees and the code failed. How is that possible? The answer is, “The Devil’s in the Data”. Whether you’re an SQL “Newbie” or seasoned veteran, this “Black Arts” session will teach you most of what you need to know to build large quantities of just about any test data you might imagine and more quickly than you ever dreamed. It’ll also show you how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to the DBA with the bat. ;-)

About Jeff: With more nearly 40,000 posts and 3 dozen articles, Jeff Moden is a strong contributor on where he coined the term “RBAR” (Row By Agonizing Row). Having nearly two decades’ experience, Jeff is mostly self-trained in what he calls the “Black Arts” of T-SQL and is known worldwide for his informative articles, high performance T-SQL coding methods, and mentoring. His dedication to helping others has earned him the MS SQL Server MVP award for the last eight years.